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"A fascinating insight and understanding into a child’s body language"

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Baby Body Language

The power to understand your baby & child the way they need to be heard

Baby Body Language (BBL) is about understanding baby’s life in the womb and how very early life experiences can develop and influence their early years. Early imprints, or experiences, can leave subtle patterns in a child’s alignment that can impact balance, focus, sleep, speech & language and emotional development. Don’t be fooled by the name - BBL can be seen in and communicated by all of us at all ages. Understanding BBL is about understanding the imprints from your early experience and how they are communicated through your body language and behaviour. By being guided by an expert in this field, Anne will offer practical tips as to how you can best support your child.

Baby Body Language: About

Gain insights and understanding into certain behaviour patterns of children and young people which could be directly related to their early life experience

Understanding BBL will help you read the non verbal cues and learn how to engage at the right moment. It will guide and empower you to move beyond those limiting and negative beliefs and shock, which you may have experienced from say, a recent baby’s birth or from one of your previous child’s birth experiences. Through this awareness, somatic and emotional healing can truly occur. By  looking at life from the baby and childs corner, we can reflect and understand these experiences from a whole different perspective. Enabling us to relate and connect even more deeply with our little loved ones.

“It doesn’t have to be hugely traumatic, everyone is marked by their time in the womb and birth - you are born into the world, from a place of comfort, security, where all your needs are intuitively and immediately met. Our first interaction with the world can be traced the whole way back to conception, from the beginning harmonising with our genes to start moulding us into the human we are today. Understanding the patterns, cues and experiences we had at that time can give us great insight into who we are today as parents, let alone our children." ~ Anne

Baby Body Language: About
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