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What is Coaching and why might you need it?

We use Coaching to coach you in unlocking your maternal/paternal intuition and intelligence and tap into your full potential. Help you to learn to silence the doubt, insecurity, fear that inhibits you from authentically connecting with your little in a wholesome and heartfelt way.

This is not a complicated instruction manual full of rules to follow to be a “good parent”. This is a course to recognise that you already have the best parent within you and you  need a facilitator to unlock your own potential - by giving cues, prompts and assisting you to tap into what you already know but often gets lost in our busy and demanding lives.

Anne can draw on her experiences from 38 years as a practitioner and educator, to base guidance on her breadth of knowledge, but ultimately uses that to guide you to your own answers. Because each is uniquely true for you - a unique recipe of your experiences, your child's experiences.

You will learn from the past but the focus is on the present. This isn’t a therapeutic intervention or specific counselling  - you might recognise past traumas within yourself or self limiting beliefs but coaching is here to assist you in finding your own power to move beyond those experiences & beliefs

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Taking ownership for your connection and seeking assistance takes strength and courage

“Some people have told me that they don’t feel prepared for parenthood, despite having experienced childhood. But let's put this in perspective. Imagine you had never cooked before. You go into a restaurant and have a lovely, but slightly underwhelming meal. 7/10. Just because you’ve eaten the meal, find it satisfying but felt there was room for improvement, does that make you  prepared to go into the kitchen - prepare an exceptional meal from scratch without a single recipe, guide or prior experience? NO! Of course not. We wouldn’t even expect it of ourselves, so there would be no judgement attached.

With parenting it is no different, we have a natural intuition in how to connect with our kids - but we often get distracted or have lost touch of how to listen to it - busy lives, constantly demanding our attention, it's no wonder! Yet there is so often shame and guilt associated with not understanding or connecting with your little one or older kids. 

In modern society we are missing so much of what we used to take for granted. Community, shared teaching, the passing down of wisdom and guidance. That wise woman, the ‘Mary Poppins’.”

Coaching: About
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