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Anne Matthews

Anne Matthews: About

Professional Background

From Mother to Pre and Perinatal Educator

I am a Holistic Health Coach and Pre and Perinatal Educator. I have 38 years of experience as a Complementary Health Practitioner. I've worked hands on with newborns, babies and children as well as pregnant mums and families. My calling to serve families has been a lifelong vocation which has started in my teenage years and motivated me in pursuit of my formal qualifications and training which include Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Craniosacral Therapy, Child Development and Pre and Perinatal Education (PPNE). I have developed and taught the concept of Baby Body Language (BBL) to parents, teachers and health professionals in the UK, Ireland and the USA. BBL combines PPNEducation perspectives to understand the physical, emotional and developmental challenges of the growing child.

Anne Matthews: About


My greatest achievement of all, is being the mother of 3 children – Jacinta, Michael and Tim. As a full time working single mum over the past 12 years I have organised my personal and working life around their schooling and extra-curricular activities, whilst also supporting and facilitating them to progress to university and beyond.

I am also a mum who has had her fair share of profound life/wounding  experiences which have both motivated and inspired me along this vocational path of service to others. In my search for answers, I’ve  built up a library of case studies where I draw and learn from when working with parents moving forward. These experiences and wealth of knowledge enable me to guide and coach my clients from an authentic and genuine place of empathy and understanding. My calling is to serve others in unlocking their own potential and connecting with their young ones in the most authentic and true way possible.

Anne Matthews: About

Facilitating Connection

I have an active presence in the digital media world where I guide parents in private FB groups. My years of lifelong learning and hands-on experience with families has allowed me to help each and every parent I have worked with to reach a deeper connection with their baby and child. Through recognising and healing trauma, I facilitate parents to connect in a more heartfelt and soulful way with their child. 

Anne Matthews: About


Anne has an empathic, intuitive, heart-centred approach that guarantees breakthroughs for her clients.  She works with her clients in a supportive and non-judgemental way, guiding them to reclaim their confidence and rid themselves of those self-limiting beliefs. Being a parent is a very big, important role that we are rarely prepared for. Can be demanding and difficult to open yourself up to someone facilitating you along the journey of parenthood. You feel you could even have the answers, you just can’t see them clearly and are losing valuable bonding time with your child.  Prioritise you and your little ones wellbeing, present and future NOW by discovering your most wholesome connection. Anne can facilitate and guide you along the path of transformation.

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Anne Matthews: About
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