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Our Programme

Wholesomely Connected Mama
Aligning with the Mama in all of us

Who for?

  • The hands-on parent who feels overwhelmed with their baby’s demands

  • The loving parent who wants to commit to easing the ache in their heart over something that is missing 

  • The intuitive mum  who knows that they were disempowered at their child’s delivery and as a result their early bonding was impacted and realises that their not on the right path 

  • The progressive parent who feels stuck and realises that they want to rear their child differently to what they had as a child 

  • The busy, professional or entrepreneurial parent who wants to make that much needed personal shift to having a deep soulful connection with their baby & child 

  • To the parent and little one, both crying out for this much needed wholesome connection with each other 


Our Programme: About

Are we the right match?

  • I love to work and connect with heart centred parents who are resourceful, committed and kind

    • Who are fed up with making excuses 

    • Who are fed up with justifying their child’s needs to others

    • Who want to shift from old patterns that aren't working 

    • Who know deep down that there must be another way 

  • I help parents like you to pause and get off that treadmill of life

  • I help a parent 

    • Hear themself and see’ their baby

    • as they truly connect with their baby & child 

    • To reclaim their birthright 

  • I facilitate a parent like you to

    • Invest in themself

    • Get out of their own way

    • Take back their power

    • As they change and get on the right path

    • To Be the best version of themself 

  • I guide a parent like you 

    • Who wants to be guided with trust and empathy

    • Who wants the easy digestible latest evidence based research as they integrate it in a usable and relatable way - no more buying of books and apps

    • Who wants to be held accountable because they

    • Want to make transformational changes in their life as a mama

Our Programme: About
Our Programme: About

My Approach

  • I relate to babies/children in an intuitive and empathetic manner 

  • I connect with the needs of both child and parent in order to facilitate changing patterns 

  • I sensitively guide parents to recognise a child’s protective strategies resulting in their compensatory patterns that could be described as a physical, neuro-developmental and/or emotional issue

  • I empower children, parents and carers with these insights

What is this programme?

 A step-by-step blueprint for making  a transformational change in your life to help you  create a wholesome, healing and soulful connection between you - mama - and your baby & child

  • Programme curated for transformational wellbeing 

  • Video workshops

  • Community interaction - mamas for mamas 

  • Guided group growth and discussion 

  • Live Q&As

  • Access to our whole collection of invaluable guidance and resources

  • Audio guides and meditations

Our Programme: About

Is this for you? Join one of our FREE Masterclasses and find out!

Wholesomely Connected Mama

To deepen your wholesome connection between mother and child

Awaken and align your soulful connection with yourself and little one. This programme is carefully designed with the mother in mind for a holistic approach to deepening your heartfelt connection with your baby and/or child. There are limited spaces do please arrange a time to call with us and we can discuss if we are the right fit for one another.

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