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Why Wholesomely Connected Coaching?

Parenthood is beautiful, fulfilling and eye-opening but can also be daunting and challenging. Many parents feel:

  • Filled with doubt and overwhelm, leading them to lose confidence in themselves as a parent  

  • That they don’t understand their baby & child’s distress - it’s often a guessing game or going through the checklist.. It’s hard to truly meeting their baby/ child’s emotional needs 

  • Tired and exhausted from looking after their unsettled baby & child

  • That other parents seem to do is better and more seamlessly

  • Secretly stressed and afraid if left alone with their child because they mightn’t be able to settle them if they kick off

  • That they’re not doing enough for their child

  • Influenced and conflicted by well meaning but unhelpful comments and solutions offered by friends and relatives -

    • Leave them to cry it out 

    • You're spoiling them 

    • They’re too attached to you 

    • Stop lifting them 

    • They’re just a needy child

    • Ignore them

    • Don’t let your newborn sleep on your chest 

    • Don’t allow your older child to co-sleep 

  • They are at a loss to understand and know what else to do …….. deep down they have a sense, a gut feeling that there must be another way

​Here at Wholesomely Connected we understand and relate to this. The pain and heartache from self-doubt as a parent is truly limiting and scary. We’ve been there too.  Anne Matthews is a mum of 3 and an experienced practitioner working with parents and children, through pregnancy, birth, early stages and well into teenage hood.

Why Wholesomely Connected Coaching: About

“I’ve been there too - this has been part of my life’s journey. My own experiences and those of loved ones around me, have continuously motivated me to guide parents to connect more deeply, so they can understand one another and build a beautiful relationship built on trust, empathy and understanding. Although these are all struggles that are real for us, they don’t need to be your life. It can and should be better than this!”


Why Wholesomely Connected Coaching: Quote

Reclaim Your Birthright, Your Connection

Don’t accept that just because it's like this now, or "always has been" means this is the only way it can be, when deep down you know there is a different way. Don’t settle. You CAN and WILL feel a more soulful connection. Here at Wholesomely Connected Coaching we specialise in deepening that beautiful connection, grounded in a heartfelt and wholesome way. 

  • Learn how to become even more intuitive at reading your baby & child’s early imprints  -  known as ‘Baby Body Language’.  

  • Authentically and confidently connect with your baby & child in a way that you know is the right path 

  • Become more emotionally stable and grounded & trust your intuition around your parenting skills 

  • You’ll make better informed decisions around your baby and child without fear or judgement

  • Live family life with regular ease as a caring parent

  • Feel happy, confident and empowered to the point you no longer doubt your ability, and rather, simply love, trust and respect your parenting self

  • You’ll squash that feeling of not being ‘a good enough parent’ 

  • Develop a wholesome and lifelong heartfelt connection with your baby and child which will last through their teenage years and well beyond

  • Heal some of your own childhood wounding as you discover the path to more self love and self compassion 

  • Be inspired to create a life of more fun, joy and laughter as your baby and children develop and evolve into emotionally strong and resilient young adults

Why Wholesomely Connected Coaching: About
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