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Anne Matthews

Our Wise Woman and Guiding Light

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“My years of lifelong learning and hands-on experience with families has allowed me to help each and every parent I have worked with  to reach a deeper connection with their baby and child. I have developed and taught the concept of Baby Body Language - to parents, teachers and health professionals in the UK, Ireland and the USA. By learning how to read and interpret your baby & older child’s Baby Body Language - a parent and baby can mend and heal from traumatic disconnect and woundings. In fact these disconnections can occur at any time during the miraculous journey of conception through to birth and beyond. I specialise in helping parents  like you to reclaim their authentic, heart and soulful connection with their baby & child a connection which you both deserve” ~ Anne

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The Book

What is it about and why it is important for you

Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back. Without wanting to, they can rule our relationships and be passed on to our kids. My book guides you to:

  • Confidently face challenges 

  • Be present - focus on the here and now

  • Become aware of emotional and generational barriers 

  • Inspire transformational wellbeing for yourself and your loved ones

  • Become the Mama you were born to be and connect with your little one the way you deserve

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